Nail Care: the Key to Having Healthy Nails

The main thing to do here is to take a real good look at your fingernails and toenails. Signs of discoloration, scratches, jagged edges, bends and separation of nail follicles could mean that your nails are not in good health. A good, healthy nail remedy and maintenance is must for your nails as these can easily absorb punishment. Another concern is that these may also be signs of medical conditions that need to be treated.

Nails are formed with layers upon layers of keratin, a type of protein. Keratin is found from where the nail grows and where the cuticle lies. A healthy nail should be smooth to the touch, does not show any unequal color, and is free of dotted areas.

Normal and Non-Normal Nail Conditions

There are some nails that appear to have straight lines coming out from the base of the cuticle. These are nothing to worry about as these develop as the nail ages. Some form of dots may eventually appear but simply because of trauma or injury. However, these dots will eventually grow out and can be cut off. These are all normal nail conditions that happen from time to time.

Unfortunately, there are nail conditions that are considered not normal. Changes in the color of the nails may occur, shape of the nail may change like when a nail starts to curl up, thickening and thinning out of nails, the nails starts to distance itself from the finger or toe, when there is bleeding around the edges of the nails and when the nail aches and bulges up for no practical or logical reason at all.  These are all signs that a regular nail care practice should be put into place. Some of these conditions might even need a Doctor’s diagnosis and may require medical attention.

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Proper Nail Care

With a good amount of information provided, a good and reliable nail care routine is definitely needed to help nails stay healthy and keep the doctor away.

Always clean and dry out the nails. What this does is that it keeps dirt from building up under the nail and between your fingers and toes. A simple washing and cleaning under the nails will do the trick. Dry the nails immediately after wetting it for whatever reason.

Cut your nails regularly in a manner that the tops are straight with a slight curve at the corners. Very long nails have a tendency to allow build up of dirt in between nail and flesh. Also, there is a big chance of long nails getting injured. Moisten your nails with a little lotion to help it from getting brittle. Hand lotion or baby oil should work perfectly.

A layer of a nail protector or hardener should serve the nails in good deed as this gives more protection.

Try to get a regular pedicure and manicure treatment about every two weeks to keep your nails neat and clean. Indulge in foods that are rich in calcium to help strengthen your nails.

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Nail Care: the Key to Having Healthy Nails

adminNail Care: the Key to Having Healthy Nails

Nail Care Essentials to Remember


downloadHaving a healthy general well- being is definitely essential because people can instantly notice whether you are taking care of yourself properly or not.  When we talk about overall well- being, most often or not we neglect one tiny detail which is certainly equally important as well, and that is our nails.

A lot of people tend to overlook the nails and forget that it may seem like a tiny part, but when taken for granted you might just realize how necessary it is to look healthy as well.  When a person does not have clean nails, other people might have the impression that he or she is not taking of herself very well because if a detail such as the nails is not paid attention to, what more about the other parts that are not so visible?

To avoid having misjudgment or having a wrong impression, it is definitely important that we give our nails the care that it truly deserves.  Having fingernails that are clean and healthy looking is certainly a must because it does not just tell about our personal hygiene, but at the same time it can also help us to avoid having infections which can cause bigger problems when not treated early on.

It is best that we always make it a point to keep our fingernails dry and clean.  This way, we prevent the bacteria from developing.  When cutting your fingernails, always use sharp manicure clippers to be sure that you cut your nails properly.  It is also good if you can use a moisturizer, if you do not have time to do it every day, at least try to apply some from time to time to keep.  If your nails are weak, try asking your doctor about biotin which is a nutritional supplement that can make your fingernails stronger.

A sign of a healthy fingernail is that it is smooth and does not have grooves and pits.  The color and texture must also be even, and it should not have any spots or discoloration.  Aside from the daily care for fingernails, there are some ways that you need to avoid as well so as not to cause any damage to your nails.  One is that you should not pick your cuticles, and second is that you also do not pull off hangnails, use a clipper always.  If you notice that something is not right with it, better see a dermatologist or a doctor.  Never use your fingernails as a tool such as getting a pop can open.

Avoiding the use of harsh chemicals can also save your nails from getting damaged, so when removing nail polish, use an acetone free nail polish remover.  It is also important that you choose your nail technician well because you do not want to get infected because of poor use of tools.  It is essential that all tools that will be used to clean your nails are sterilized.

Do not forget the toenails too.  When they are difficult to cut, soak them first in warm water with salt.

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Nail Care Essentials to Remember

adminNail Care Essentials to Remember